Social Media Marketing

A sensible, concise approach to social media

Social Media is Important

Social Media has emerged to become an important factor in marketing your business online, as well as being indexed higher in the search engine databases.

Businesses who ignore social media do so to their detriment. But who has time to learn which mediums are the best, much less master and work them daily? Every month or so another white paper emerges that gives us more and more information about how users get their data - what devices they use, which search engines they visit, and which social media platforms they use. We are also seeing data on what types of information people respond to and what types of data drives people away.

Focus on What's Effective

At Gale Force, we have decided to focus on the most effective social media channels, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

We have chosen to master these and stay on top of every nuance that may be beneficial to our customers. There are many others out there, and more will come and some will go by the wayside. We will monitor all of this activity to ensure we continue to always focus on the the best few and work them better than anybody else.

What This Means For You

What this means to you is that you can relax knowing that your online social media campaign is doing everything possible to reach the most people. Just as with our SEO service, we employ only "white hat" social media practices to produce honest, real results.

With prices starting at only $299 per month, we offer cost effective, professional social media management.

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