Professional Graphic Design

We design it, you own it

Professional Graphic Design

In addition to designing state-of-the-art websites, our professional graphic designers are experts at designing modern, sales-focused business cards, brochures, postcards, flyers, or any other printed material you may need to effectively market your business.

Our designers are not beginners; they are all educated and trained in professional graphic design and have a minimum of five years of design experience. Don't trust your business image to an amateur, it's simply too important.

Design Your Success

Once you hire us to design your project, we design it with one goal in mind: your success. Based on content you provide, we produce a professional, appealing draft that is oriented and laid out to convey your message in the most effective, efficient manner.

We work with you on any revisions, and produce a press-ready file to print.

You pay us to design it, so we feel that you own it. We are happy to release the file in any press-ready format you need should you choose to print it elsewhere. This is truly unique in the printing industry. We don't feel that it's good business to hold your files hostage and force you to either print with us or have the piece re-designed.

We are so confident in our print quality and price, you'll be happy to print with us over and over again. Additionally, if we design your project, we are happy to make minor modifications each time you re-print with us for FREE!

We know that events like employee turnover happens, email addresses or phone numbers change, and we're happy to make those updates at no charge.

We also believe in being completely open and up-front with no sales gimmicks or higher prices for larger businesses. Please find our Graphic Design fees for the current calendar year below. If you don't see what you need, please contact us for a price quote on your project. You can call us or email us, and we will respond timely.

We dare you to compare our design fees with any larger ad firm; not only will you find their prices considerably higher, you may not even own the file once it's done.

  • Business Cards - One Sided: $45.00
  • Business Cards - Two Sided: $55.00
  • Postcards - Two Sided - Sizes up to 6.25" x 9": $140.00
  • Flyers - 8.5" x 11" - One Sided: $90.00
  • Flyers - 8.5" x 11" - Two Sided: $140.00
  • Bi-fold Brochures - Four Panels: $250.00
  • Tri-fold Brochures - Six Panels: $350.00
  • Quad-fold Brochures - Eight Panels: $450.00
  • Rack Cards - 4" x 9" - One Sided: $90.00
  • Rack Cards - 4" x 9" - Two Sided: $140.00

Once the design is complete and approved, we can print that for you at the lowest rates on the market. Learn more about our printing services here.

You can also view some recent samples of our work here.